Checkinkg The Total Charecter In Any Sentence.

If you want to know that how many charecters are available in a sentence.Then Easily you can get total charecters from that sentence in this way. Fror Example:-console.log( ‘ bangladesh’.length) [result will be 10] thats true.if you write thats program in this way. ‘bangladesh’.length().Thats not correct.The Correct way is ‘bangladesh’.length

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Theses(+ * — / % ) operators name are numaric operator.They are very important things in Progamming language. There are available in Any programming Language.They are usign mathmatical term in programming Language.

  • +operator

if you want to additon among two numbers. for emxample:- Console.log(4+5); The result will be:- 9.

if also want to increasing in previous variable: the you will write as like this

var num = 5; var res + = num; console.log(res); result will be:- 6

  • -Operator

if you want to decreasing in previous variable: then you will be write as like this.

var num = 5; var res -=num; conosle.log(res); result will be:- 4


The concatinaion added two string: For example:-

var str1 = ‘bangla’

var str2 = ‘desh’

var result = str1 + str2;


result will be :Bangladesh.

Apply String On JavaScript

There are tree way to write string in javaScript.

1st Way :- var name1 = “abdur Rahim”;

2nd way :- var name2 = ‘abdur Rahim’;

3rd way:- var name3 = ` abdur rahim ` ;

if you want to dynamic any api .then you will should use the charet symble. example:- `` ;

Access Charecter in Any Sentence

If you want to access any charecter in any sectence. So you will should to write the program as like this . For example

var student = ‘abdur rahim’;


The Result will be :- r

Math.sqrt and Math.pow()

math.sqrt and math.pow() those function of Math Object.

  1. if i want do to root of any number. then i should to use this function . I will get result or root of any number very easily by using this funtion. for example:-

function anyNumber (a, b) {

var num1 = a;

var num2 = b;

var result = Math.sqrt((num1*2) + (num2*3));

return result;


console.log(anyNumber(2, 3));

outPut: 20.615528128088304


now i am trying to get power number from a number. for example:

var number = 2;

var number1 = 3;

now i will use the first number for base number. and second number will use the as a power number. for example:-

var result = Math.pow(number, number1)


OutPut:- 8;


Find() function is a very important things in javascript or another programming language. Beacause we can want to get an element from an array. so wo should use the find() function. for example:-

var array = [100,255,300,4,50,64,70,854,9230,10,110,102,103,143,115]

var result = array.find(element => element <20);


ans or outPut :- 4;

[Notes: when you want to get specific number from any array then you use it. and also remember shuld that you will get 1st number for your condition]


shift () function is use for exit any element from the array . and shift remove the first element from an array. Now i will see an example :-

var removeNumber = [50, 46, 87]

var removeElement = removeNumber.shift();

console.log(removeNumber); Out Put :- [46, 87]

console.log(removeElement); OutPut:- 50;


unShift() function use for the add element in an array. and also remember that the added element is added on the first place in array. so if you want to add any element in an array on first place. then you use will this function . for exmaple:-

var string = [‘abdur rahim’];

console.log(string); outPut: [‘abdur rahim’]


console.log(string); outPUt: [‘abdullah’, ‘abdur rahim’];


pop () function or method is used for remve the element from an array. and also remember that the element is remove the last element from the array. for example:- var element = [‘abdur rahim’, ‘Hasibur Rahman’, “habibullah”]

console.log(element); OutPut:- [‘abdur rahim’, ‘Hasibur Rahman’, “habibullah”]


console.log(element); outPut :- [‘abdur rahim’, ‘Hasibur Rahman’]